I believe in providing counseling that is strengths-based and respectful. I am kind and compassionate with my clients. And yet, at the same time, I can also be direct and straightforward. I warmly welcome all my clients just as they are while also inviting them to change. My clients know somewhere deep inside them that it is possible for them to change, and my job is to help nurture and encourage that belief. Counseling is about exploring how past experiences are holding you back, while also helping you live more successfully in the present. My goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where you can be honest with yourself. I strive to walk beside you on your personal journey of healing, and validate your experiences of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, difficult life transitions, and relationship challenges.

The therapeutic approaches that I draw from in my work include existential/humanistic and attachment theory. I employ a wide range of cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, with an emphasis on mindfulness exercises and self-care. I provide individual counseling and group therapy for adults.

At the start, I will evaluate your needs based on your history and current concerns. Next, we will develop and discuss a treatment plan to match your needs. We will review progress and outcomes along the way. During our counseling journey together, my goal is to help you gain a clear understanding of your values, interests, skills, strengths, and requirements for moving forward to live the fullest life you can imagine.

I approach my work with a social justice lens, believing everyone should have access to quality counseling services. I value each person as the unique being they are. I strive to be an ally with folks who have experienced discrimination on the personal and systemic level. As I work with clients, I’m aware of, and acknowledge, my own privilege – I keep it in the forefront of my mind and heart. Come as you are; I welcome and accept you.

Most recently, I was employed full-time as a Primary Counselor at Volunteers of America, Oregon - Women's Residential Center. The Women’s Residential Center (WRC) is a 40-bed inpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment center that serves adult female offenders. I provided a variety of services to clients at the WRC, including individual therapy, group therapy, psycho-education, mediation and conflict resolution, resource referral and advocacy, and empowering clients around problem solving. At the WRC I employed a blend of trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness, and motivational interviewing interventions.  

I have a particular interest in working with individuals who struggle with chronic disorganization and suffer from anxiety and depression related to lifelong issues with clutter, hoarding, and experiences of loss. At one time I was a professional organizer, and spent quite a bit of time working with people in their homes to clear their clutter and work through the difficult process of letting go. I still enjoy working with people in their homes, although my focus has turned from hands-on sorting and organizing, to emotional processing and cognitive behavioral therapy.

As a mother, I have personally experienced postpartum anxiety and depression. I've been a volunteer with Baby Blues Connection, and know how helpful counseling can be for getting through those difficult postpartum times.

I began my therapeutic work by supporting individual adults at the Lewis and Clark Community Counseling Center, and the William Temple House. While at William Temple House, I worked individually with adults as well as co-facilitating a weekly support group focused on helping individuals with lived experience of hoarding and chronic disorganization. As an intern at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare at Bud Clark Commons, I provided direct in-home counseling and case management services for residents experiencing severe and persistent mental illness, active drug and alcohol addictions, and chronic histories of homelessness.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Santa Clara University in 2000. After working for several years in the digital marketing industry, I went back to school to obtain my Master of Arts in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis and Clark College in 2016. Continuing education is one of my core values. In April 2017 I successfully completed EMDR Therapy training, and I expect to earn my CADC I certification in June 2018. I'm always searching for educational opportunities to expand my theoretical perspective and treatment techniques.



Meet Kim

I am an Oregonian, born and raised in the Portland area. In my youth I traveled the world, from Japan to Australia, Brazil to South Africa. I attended college in San Jose, California, and lived for a few years in San Francisco, but I could never stay away from Oregon for very long. I always come back home to the green and grey and rain. I thrive when I'm outside: hiking in Forest Park, stomping in puddles, and snapping photos of the foggy beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

I'm a wife, mother, stepmother, and animal lover. I have a new puppy that I'm training to become my co-therapist, and I hope she will start accompanying me in therapy sessions very soon.

When I'm not working, you'll find me running around with my energetic toddler, organizing my home (my own self-care favorite!), and spending quality time with my dear family and friends.